Station Street Markets Redevelopment


Vibrant colours, artistic frontage and environmentally sustainable design mark the features of Station Street. The offices set a high standard for the first stage of the Subiaco Markets makeover.

In Detail

The offices at 38 Station Street are hard to ignore, with its’ bright palette of glass mosaics sitting playfully behind splayed “chopsticks” – three storey high columns supporting a high level profiled awning standing tall as a colourful backdrop to commuters along Roberts Road. The use of colour draws together the diversity of the four elevations, wrapping around the East and West frontages and finally highlighting the Northern facade with a picture wall of coloured aluminium panels. The feature underlines the input and experience from professional artist and colourist, Eveline Kotai.

The building performs above best practice outcomes in terms of environmental impact across a broad spectrum of environmental objectives. The project addresses the stringent requirement of energy efficiency and the design has been optimised using building thermal simulation technology to achieve an excellent potential level of greenhouse gas emissions which exceeds current market best practice.