Ruah Community Services

Unit 67 Plaistowe Mews, West Perth   (08) 9485 3939

Ruah has a long history of providing a diverse range of services to disadvantaged members of the community and currently provides services in housing and homelessness, mental health, specialist employment, HIV/AIDS and women leaving prison.

In Detail
Ruah Community Services operates from a spiritual foundation with a strong sense of mission. This foundation has been shaped by the Catholic Christian paradigm of the Daughters of Charity, a world-wide Congregation of Women in this religious tradition who began their work with homeless people in Perth in 1959 and which has been developed further by Ruah.

The People of Ruah today: members, directors, staff and volunteers shape the mission, values and spiritual culture of the organisation. By bringing a commitment to service, talents and sense of spirituality, Ruah builds on the traditions of the founders, the Daughters of Charity. The adoption of the name Ruah reflects the organisation's link to its spiritual heritage, as well as pointing to its inclusive approach to spirituality today. For Ruah, Inclusive Spirituality means acknowledging the innate spirit of each person and recognising that there are diverse paths to nurturing spirituality

The origins of the word 'ruah' lie in the Hebrew scriptures where it is used in a spiritual context to express 'wind', 'breath', 'Spirit of life'. The organisation's choice of 'ruah', together with its articulated vision, mission, core values and strategic frameworks provide the bases for a shared reference for the workforce.