The Kimberley- Like Nowhere Else

Colin Street, West Perth  

A growing community working to protect the Kimberley, one of the last great unspoilt landscapes on Earth.

In Detail

The Kimberley is a region of spectacular natural beauty.  Its unique landscapes and wildlife are like nowhere else on earth.  The Kimberley coast is one of the last remaining unspoilt coastlines, and scientific studies have shown it remains one of the most pristine marine areas on Earth.

It is also a region rich in cultural heritage, with Traditional Owners continuing their ancient culture that is tens of thousands of years old.  In the landscape, this long history is evident through the presence of artifacts such as rock art galleries, shell middens and fish traps.

Stretching across an area nearly twice the size of Victoria, the Kimberley is comparable to the Great Barrier Reef, or the Amazon Rainforest, as a large intact area of outstanding natural value. 

Such an incredible region of natural wonder deserves world class conservation. We are working as an alliance to ensure the Kimberley gets the high level of protection it deserves.