Petrichor Gallery

8 Nockolds St, Walpole   0438 401 148

Petrichor Gallery, located in the heart of the Walpole Wilderness, presents works by the very best local and regional artisans.

In Brief
  • Artists: Elizabeth Edmonds, Clive & Jenny Kendrick, Luda Korczynskyj, Kate Waters, Justine Gamblin
  • Category: Art Gallery, Art Workshops
  • Dealer Category: Furniture, Jewellery, Painting, Sculpture
  • Gallery Category: Ceramics, Drawing, Furniture, Glass, Jewellery, Mixed, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Textiles
In Detail

petrichor ; noun ; the smell of the earth after rain

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful environment of the Walpole Wilderness, Petrichor Gallery represents the very best pieces by local and regional artists.

The gallery comprises 2 areas - a dedicated gallery space featuring exhibitions that run from 2 - 4 weeks and a retail space showacasing an everchanging portfolio of artistic pieces. The gallery is easy to find being clearly visible from the main highway and is open daily from 10am - 4pm.

Opening Times
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