Houseboat Holidays WA

Lot 660 Boronia Ave, Walpole   (08) 9840 1310

Delight in the breathtaking beauty of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park. A haven for nature lovers and anglers, offering some of the most spectacular scenery and fishing in the South West.

In Brief
  • Capacity: 4-berth, 6-berth and 10-berth
  • Type: House Boats
  • Facilities: Family Friendly, On the Water
In Detail

Each houseboat is luxuriously appointed with all the comforts of home plus an upper deck for outdoor relaxation. In addition, a 4m dinghy with 15hp motor is provided to enhance the adventure and allow easy access to the unique and tranquil waterways of the Frankland and Deep Rivers.

from the houseboats everything listed below can be reached from either aboard the houseboat or using the dinghy which accompanies each boat:

* Relax, sit back and watch the sunset from the deck.

* Fishing from the houseboat or the dinghy is a favourite pastime. Crabbing during the season, can bring in some very tasty rewards.

* Visit Snake Island and tour what was once a small farmlet in the middle of the inlet.

* From Snake Island you can dinghy up the Deep River past Tinglewood Lodge, take to land and go up the walk trail to the Nuyts Wilderness walks and the suspension bridge. If you are interested in longer treks, the walk out to Thomson's Cove is a picturesque one - but be prepared and don't forget to log your details at the Nuyts Wilderness information bay before you go.

* From the Sealer's Cove mooring, there's a walk trail across to Circus Beach. Many of our guests do this walk just to drink from the fountain of youth. Circus Beach was where the Muir family trained some of the horses that went to the 10th light horse during World War I.

* Dinghy across for a swim and a picnic at Our Beach (everyone calls it that) at the mouth of the inlet.

* If you're in to surfing the sets at the mouth on Bellanger Beach can be pretty good.

* While at the mouth of the inlet, why not do the Shelly Beach Walk Trail to view across to Saddleback Island - maybe catch a view of the dolphins or whales.

* Houseboat up the Frankland River to one of the River moorings and enjoy the peace of a bush setting.

* While up the river, take the dinghy on an adventure up to Monastary Landing. Very early in the mornings at certain times of year you can experience the breathtaking beauty of the stillness, as the mist starts rising from its rest as a blanket on the river to provide a shawl across the branch's of the tall Karri trees. It is a truly magic experience.