Bushland Dynamics By Magda Joubert

299 Railway Road, Subiaco   (08) 9388 3300

Drawn from personal experiences and remembered sensations, Magda Joubert’s colourful and dynamic abstract paintings are unique evocations of the West Australian (WA) landscape.

In Detail

Having moved to WA from South Africa seven years ago, Joubert familiarised herself with the landscape by undertaking long walks in the bush. She became interested in the effect of the light on the natural environment just before sunrise and used a small headlamp to guide her on the bush trails.

It is these pre-dawn observations that are the source of inspiration for Joubert’s upcoming exhibition Bushland Dynamics showing at Linton & Kay Galleries Subiaco from 22 August -5 September.

Personal experiences in the bush infused with remembered sensations and feelings, Joubert’s works oscillate between observation and memory, figuration and abstraction, and the formal and the sensate.