Butler Settineri Project


Trojan Horse Interiors prides itself on the close working relationships it has with many ongoing clients.

In Detail

After many years located in West Perth, the decision was made to create a fresh new environment for Butler Settineri and accommodation was purchased in a landmark Subiaco building.

Trojan Horse Interiors’ brief was to create an environment that, through the clever use of layout and materials, would reflect the history and stability of the firm as well as appealing to the dynamic nature of the younger members emerging within the group.

The idea of the project was to create a fresh take on a traditional feel, so rich, warm colours were used to create the feeling of stability and wealth while still maintaining a welcoming dynamic.

Time frame was a key concern to the Butler Settineri partners, so Trojan Horse Interiors acted on their behalf, consulting with the builder to access the tenancy before completion by agreeing to stringent terms and conditions, and insurance requirements.

The partners were also concerned about cost overruns on the project, so Trojan Horse Interiors negotiated fixed price contracts with many of the contractors to ensure the project was completed on budget.

The open plan layout and use of full height internal glazing ensured that the natural light available from the perimeter could penetrate throughout the space.

A combination of custom-made and standard furniture ensured that the budget was kept at a reasonable level while still creating the feel of a unique environment.

This also assisted in the tight timeframe ensuring time could be spent on creating the items that required the extra attention. 

Feature detailing in reception creates an interesting texture that is highlighted with specialist lighting.