29 Station St, Subiaco   08 9388 2880

A quirky name and delicious Pho that brings Vietnam right at your feet, what's not to like?

In Brief
  • Facilities: Alfresco, Catering
In Detail

Pho originated from the North of Vietnam and it's considered a national favourite. It has captured the fascination of so many people because of its simplicity and complex flavour, the dish is steeped in tradition and closely tied to Vietnam. Rice Noodle soup is traditionally made with beef or chicken broth that is flavoured with various spices, topped with meat and vegetable finish on the side which includes bean sprouts, fresh mint, chilli, lemon, hoisin sauce and chilli sauce. A must try Dish. Come over and enjoy a delicious bowl of Pho or you will Phoever regret it.