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Established in 1954 Zorzi is a one of the most preeminent luxury home designers and builders in Australia. A strong and safe investment Zorzi specializes in international standard luxury bespoke home solutions

In Detail

Established in 1954 Zorzi is a multi-generational company of craftsman that prides itself on its never ending pursuit of excellence. Over the past 57 years Zorzi has become one of the most nationally awarded new home builders for excellence in quality of workmanship in Australia. Zorzi specialize in the construction of unique and challenging bespoke home estates that have been designed as timeless statements of architecture. Whether you are looking for a complete turkey solution with everything including carpets, curtains and furniture or you are looking for a builder to bring the your design to life Zorzi can provide a solutions for you.

With the brand of Zorzi, Grandwood by Zorzi will cater to your needs if you are looking for a customized home from $500 - $1.0m. If you are looking for a full custom solution from $1.0m to $2.0m then Grandwood Custom is your answer. If your site deserves the attention of only the best designer, architect to create your bespoke estate then Zorzi Estate homes is the team you need.

Zorzi looks at each client in the same way. They assess the needs and requirements of that client on an individual basis. With size, price and time defined they then set a seamless course for that client that will enable that client to feel safe and security in the knowledge that they have atime tested and trusted team of professionals personally taking care in every detail.

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