Charcoal & Champagne - LIFE DRAWING classes

Perth Surprise pop-up locations, South Perth   0415 102 029

Dare to try something new? How about learning to draw the human form… armed with charcoal in one hand and a glass of french bubbles in the other? Upcoming workshops on 16 and 24 June

In Detail

•  Saturday 16 June 5-9pm - POP-UP CLASS from $69.66 including all materials and nibbles and a glass of champagne on arrival

•  Sunday 24 June 9am-4pm - FULL DAY WORKSHOP from $185.71 including all materials, morning tea, light lunch and a glass of champagne

•  Saturday 14 July 5-9pm - POP-UP CLASS from $69.66 including all materials and nibbles and a glass of champagne on arrival

•  Sunday 24 June 9am-4pm - FULL DAY WORKSHOP from $185.71 including all materials, morning tea, light lunch and of course, a glass of champagne


"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso 

'Charcoal and Champagne' life-drawing classes are an opportunity for grown-ups who may have strayed from their childhood creative selves, to rediscover what it feels like to be an artist whilst confronting their hesitations of drawing the human form ... armed with charcoal in one hand, and a glass of bubbly in the other.
The classes are guided and offer individuals the opportunity to challenge not only their drawing skills, but through guided exercises, shift how they would normally 'look' and 'see things'.
Classes are UNISEX and are suitable for ALL levels of experience, in a completely uncompetitive environment, with novices possibly finding the most surprising outcomes. 
PRIVATE EVENTS also available for booking, please contact Aneta on 0415 102 029
  • 18+ (nude model)
  • Drawing materials included.
  • No drawing experience necessary ?
  • Includes a glass of sparkling on arrival and nibbles.  
  • Location address emailed to ticket holders closer to the event date. 
  • Early bird tickets available



"Thank you for sharing your passion and talent to look at the world through a different 'lense' it was a fabulous evening with great creative energy. Big hugs xx"
– Jo Wilson

"What an amazing evening, thank you Ms Wnek for unleashing our artistic talents"
– Angelina Mary Frugiero

"Aneta’s teaching method’s were unique and effective. She challenged everyone to open their mind, and to see things in light and shade, rather than simply in conventional borders.

I walked in to the class as a drawer, and I think it’s not too bold to say that when I walked out, I was on my way to becoming an artist, or at least understanding art.

It is not often that one can see – quite literally – how much has been learned in the space of a couple of hours. I think this is valuable because it proves that people can develop skills completely outside of their comfort zone.

I expect that I will draw on this experience for confidence when I am next faced with performing a task that is outside my comfort zone.

I really enjoyed the class and I would be keen do a course. I think that doing things that are completely out of step with the rest of your daily routine helps to ensure a broad experience of life.

And of course, live art is a great reminder that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes."
-Kim, Highgate

"Thanks for a fun night ladies and to Aneta for teaching me a thing or two about drawing. I really enjoyed myself :)"
–Larissa, Mt Hawthorne

"Ok, so drawing has never been a particular talent of mine. I sucked at it at school. Last night the beautiful and gifted Aneta Wnek enticed me to participate in her Charcoal & Champagne Life Drawing Class.

I admit to being extremely anxious about this - mostly about making a complete idiot of myself. Aneta held the class in a beautiful South Perth Foreshore home belonging to a friend of hers. She got us nicely relaxed with some bubbles and very tasty nibbles and then our model Amy arrived and the game was on. It was time to pick up our charcoal and draw!

It was an amazing two hours with Aneta changing our perceptions as to the lines, shades, shapes, proportions and flow we saw and encouraged us to be bold and "let go" and to transfer these to paper.

It was a sensational evening with a fabulous group of people. I know I'll never be an artist but I'm sure going to go to more of Aneta's Charcoal & Champagne classes.

They're challenging but so much fun!! Stepping out of one's comfort zone can be amazing. Last night was a big stepping out!

Keep an eye out for Aneta's classes and do yourselves a favour and go. Or better still instead of a night out with the girls arrange to have one at your home - your friends will love it! You will have an absolute blast. Thank you so much Aneta! It was fabulous xx"
– Cheryl De Beyer

"Perfect description for a perfect evening, Cheryl. It really would have been one of the nicest evenings I can remember for a long time - and while I proved I am not an artist - I REALLY enjoyed myself. Thank you so much again to Aneta. Soooo looking forward to the next one."
– Lanna Sawers-Diggins