Artitja Fine Art

South Fremantle, South Fremantle   08 9336 7787

Artitja Fine Art is a by-appointment home based gallery specializing in Indigenous fine art and exhibiting quarterly in selected spaces in and around Fremantle, WA

In Brief
  • Galleries: Aboriginal, Craft, Painting, Sculpture, Art Gallery
  • Open Days: By Appointment Only
In Detail

Artitja Fine Art's aim is in connecting cultures through art.  Quality Aboriginal art is not just aesthetically beautiful, it provides important insights into stories and Tjurrkupa (dreamings)

Artitja Fine Art is located in South Fremantle in Western Australia, is open seven days a week by appointment and holds four exhibitions a year in a gallery space in and around the Fremantle region, details of which are posted to their website prior to the event.

"Often the question is asked in regard to how to select a painting.  There is only one answer - select the one that moves your heart" - Anna Kanaris, Director