Julie Podstolski: New drawings in coloured pencil


Julie Podstolski is an established Fremantle artist producing exquisite coloured pencil drawings.

In Brief

Dates: Sep 17 - 29, 2016
Venue / Address:
Earlywork Art Gallery, 9/330 South Terrace, South Fremantle

In Detail

Julie Podstolski is an established Fremantle artist working in coloured pencils. Her new drawings investigate the mysterious, secretive and evocative world of maiko and geiko (geisha) who live in Kyoto.

Julie originally trained in painting, undertaking a Diploma of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand from 1978-80. After moving to Australia in 1982, Julie began exploring coloured pencils, a medium she now works with exclusively and has mastered over the decades. 

Viewing Julie's work for the first time, you could be forgiven for initially mistaking her exquisite drawings for photographs. The striking compositions and impeccable detail reveal a snapshot in time, captured by an objective observer. However on closer inspection the apparent sharpness softens, revealing intriguing layers of blending, blurring colour.

Julie Podstolski produces new work for one exhibition every two years, making her drawings highly sought-after and collectable. Her 2016 exhibition Fascination: Maiko, Geiko, Kyoto opens September 17 at Earlywork Art Gallery, South Fremantle. Julie will be delivering artist talks on Sunday 18 and 25 September at 1pm, discussing her coloured-pencil practice and unique insights into her experiences in Kyoto. The exhibition will run till October 2.