Copper Chimney

330 South Terrace, South Fremantle   9336 4414

Copper Chimney is a new chef-owned restaurant in South Fremantle that seeks to restore Indian cuisine’s reputation as world-class.

In Detail

Co-owner and chef Elance Fernando has enjoyed an exemplary chef career: Eleven years ago he graduated top of his class in India and the gold medal for his degree, a Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Science from Madurai Kama Raj University. From there he worked at various Indian restaurants before coming to Australia to work for Mela, Nine Mary’s and Chutney Mary’s and Burswood, where he was one of just two chefs—out of 5200 employees—to earn a Shining Star of Burswood award.

Elance has opened Copper Chimney with fellow chef Kaushal Verma, a former head chef at Nine Mary’s known in the industry for his traditional Indian curries and artistic approach to food.

The pair is determined to make the beautifully decorated South Terrace restaurant WA’s pre-eminent destination for Indian cuisine.

"Traditional Indian food must be cooked with precision, love and honesty," Kaushal says. "Cooking is an art: When it is done with the knowledge of traditional process and spices, it really is a pleasure."

"Traditional Indian food must be cooked with precision, love and honesty."

"We aim to lead the way," Elance adds. "All our chicken is free-range and we carefully choose the seafood from local and imported markets to ensure it is the best quality and from sustainable fisheries.

"Our menu reflects the diversity of India: Our fish curry, for example, is a tribue to the coastal region of Goa: Creamy, spiced with tamarind sauce and cooled with barramundi fillets."

"Also, many people in India are vegetarian so natually we have an excellent selection of dishes that can serve as superb mains in their own right or as complements to other selections."

Copper Chimney also pays attention to the finer details, with its range of traditional breads, cakes, sweets and accompaniments.

"We also serve indian filter coffee— with beans imported from India—and masala and chai teas," Elance says. For something different, visit Copper Chimney for breakfast (weekends only, from 8am), and savour the morning tastes of the sub-continent. Copper Chimney is open for lunch Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 2.30pm) and for dinner seven days a week (5.30pm to 9.30pm). It is fully licensed, with a large range of beers, wines and cocktails, and there is plenty of free local parking nearby. Copper Chimney is open for dinner every night of the year, except for Christmas, Good Friday and Anzac Day.