Kiri Japanese Restaurant

142 Onslow Road, Shenton Park   93082727

Wonderful Japanese cuisine in a relaxed setting, right in the heart of Shenton Park. BYO - so bring along your favourite bottle

In Brief
  • License Status: BYO
In Detail

At KiRi all our meals are prepared on site using the freshest possible produce.

This fits with the most important element of the philosophy behind Japanese cuisine, making the most out of ingredients in season. Sashimi is one of the best examples of this. There’s nothing obviously added to a plate of Sashimi but behind the evident simplicity is the experienced eye of the chef who has selected the best possible fish as well as the skill in slicing it so that it melts in the mouth (did you know that sashimi actually tastes differently depending on how it is sliced?) And of course there is the delicate presentation carefully arranged to please your eye as well as your palate.