Laneway Learning Perth


Laneway Learning run cheap, fun classes in anything and everything. From zombie face paint, mastering your first impressions, to meditation 101, there is something new every Tuesday night!

In Brief
  • Courses: Cooking, Craft, Dance, Drama, Education, Film, Language, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Singing, Sports & Health
  • Type: For Adults
In Detail

Laneway Learning is the name for a ragtag series of evening classes that first started in Melbourne before spreading to Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore and now finally Perth!

Our classes are probably a bit different to anything you may have been to before. They are pretty cheap (generally $14), super informal and are taught by people from the local community.

All of our classes are less about becoming an expert overnight and more about getting a taster into a new topic. Come to one and you might go away with enough knitting know-how to make your first scarf, an art-historian’s eye for a painting, or a killer recipe for chutney.