Cultural Infusion

various schools, Perth  

Cultural Infusion is a ‘not for profit’ organisation whose mission is to generate cultural harmony by delivering exciting school programs that introduce students to various cultures through the arts.

In Brief
  • Courses: Dance, Drama, Education, Music, Performing Arts, Theatre
  • Type: For Children, School
In Detail

Our programs use showcase dance, music, and other activities from every continent, that beautifully illustrate unique aspects of other cultures, they are interactive and inspiring.

Designed to create bridges between various areas of learning and enable students to experience a myriad of customs in an exciting way, they enhance the delivery of the school curriculum.

Our program presenters deliver information and education whilst celebrating colour and vibrancy, which also makes them a special addition to celebrations or activities throughout the school year. 

Schools all over Australia are booking our incursions to celebrate varied cultural events marked on the universal global calendar in order to promote connection in a world we share with so many incredible and diverse cultures.