Lopi Gas and Wood fires


Fireplaces WA has recently become a WA distributor of the high output Lopi linear gas and wood range. With heating output ranging from 90- over 300m2.

In Detail

The Lopi linear gas range is a highly efficient fireplace that comes in three different sizes to answer the call for a sleek and modern landscape design.

The 3165, 4415, 6015 and the 4415 double-sided model can be built into stud frame or installed into a brick recess and comes with different media options such as crystal glass, driftwood logs or a mix of drftwood logs and pebble fyre-art to suit any interior.

Of course Lopi also manufacturer inserts specifically designed to be installed into existing brick chimneys and also a range for new homes.

The Lopi Flushwood wood insert is a modern looking unit that comes in 3 sizes to enable you to heat from 100-350m2.