Indigenous Community Volunteers


Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) is a registered charity and non-profit organisation committed to closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and promoting reconciliation.

In Detail

At ICV we believe strongly in the importance of bottom-up and grassroots approaches. Communities need to own their development agenda if it is to be sustainable. We ‘listen’ rather than ‘preach’.

ICV is invited by communities to help them take control of their own futures. Local people have the best answers and can generate the best solutions to their own local problems and challenges. We help them draw these out and provide access to skilled volunteers on human and community development projects in areas where employment, economic development and education opportunities are often limited.

Our practices are participatory and inclusive. We ensure that we are doing things ‘with’ rather than ‘to’ or ‘for’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

ICV hunts and gathers volunteers to work with communities on community-driven projects. We don’t hunt and gather projects for volunteers. Communities nominate the volunteer skills they require to help them achieve their goals, and select the most suitable volunteers. ICV Community Development Officers work closely with communities and volunteers throughout the project supporting, assisting and monitoring.

ICV’s community development work creates a unique two-way exchange. It provides Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with development opportunities and access to skilled people to help them achieve their goals. And it gives volunteers the chance to live and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to learn first-hand about their issues and culture. ICV is reconciliation in action.

Our Vision
Our vision is an Australia where all Australians live in harmony and where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people share the same rights, respect and access to opportunities and rewards, and where their culture is valued and recognised as an asset to Australian society.

We achieve this by enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to work in partnership with the broader Australian community, governments and the private sector through volunteering. We provide opportunities for communities and volunteers to share knowledge, culture and understanding. ICV is reconciliation in action.

Our Purpose
Indigenous Community Volunteers provides opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to develop community and human capacity to improve their quality of life, health, social and economic wellbeing and inclusion within Australian society. 

Volunteering with ICV

Each community has a different vision for its future. Each vision requires different skills to help make it become a reality. ICV’s unique model of human and community development leverages existing assets and skills within a community to build on local strengths and knowledge. And we work on projects that have been identified as part of a community’s vision for its future. This results in long lasting relationships which deliver long term, sustainable outcomes.

We achieve this with the skills, enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers from backgrounds as diverse as child care, technology, manufacturing, law, gardening, construction and medicine.

You could help a community realise their vision by assisting with grant proposals, improving computer systems, addressing environmental issues, teaching carpentry, or basic sewing skills. All skills are valuable, whether they come from a profession, trade, or even a hobby. They can all contribute to a bigger vision of a brighter future for the community.

Once you are registered with ICV, communities invite you to live and work with them on ICV projects.