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DonateLife is a national call to action to all Australians to show their support for organ and tissue donation.

In Detail

Organ and tissue transplants give life to hundreds of Australians each year and can make the difference between seeing and being blind, mobility and never walking again, or recovering from an otherwise untreatable condition.

While most Australians support the cause, research from the Organ and Tissue Authority shows close to half of Australian families don’t know if their family members are willing to become organ and tissue donors. 

DonateLife hopes they will help encourage more family discussion on the important topic. With one organ and tissue donor able to transform the lives of 10 or more people, it’s a family conversation that can one day save lives.

“In Australia, the consent of a family member is required for a person’s organs to be donated for transplant purposes. So the message for DonateLife Week is if you are willing to be an organ and tissue donor, make sure your family knows,” said Yael Cass, CEO Organ and Tissue Authority. 

People can support DonateLife by:

  • Starting an conversation or sharing your decision about organ donation with your family and friends
  • Following @DonateLifeToday
  • Becoming a fan of DonateLife Week on Facebook
  • Registering as an organ donor
  • Sharing your story about organ donation with the community via the DonateLife website
  • Promoting DonateLife Week in your workplace or community organisation.

About the Organ and Tissue Authority

The Organ and Tissue Authority leads implementation of the Australian Government's national reform agenda to increase organ andtissue donation and transplantation. The Authority's aim is to: increase capability and capacity within the health system and to build community awareness and stakeholder engagement across Australia to promote organ and tissue donation.

The reform agenda includes a clinical network of specialist organ and tissue donation staff in in 74 hospitals across Australia, as well as DonateLife agencies in each state and territory. They are working to improve organ and tissue donation rates and outcomes, providing specialised family support services and raising awareness in their clinical communities. In 2012, the Organ and Tissue Authority is providing specialist training to the DonateLife Network staff on sensitively managing family consent conversations and supporting the family’s choice.

The Organ and Tissue Authority is also implementing a national community awareness and education program which is educating Australians about the need for families to ask and know each other’s donation wishes. The critical factor in increasing organ and tissue donation rates in Australia is increasing Australia’s family consent rate, which is why it is important that all Australian families ask and know each other’s donation wishes.

About Organ Donation in Australia

In 2011, the second full year of implementation of the reform agenda, Australia achieved its highest donation and transplantation outcomes with 337 donors and 1,009 transplant recipients. The increase is substantial, being a 36% increase on the 2009 outcome of (247 organ donors) and a 9% on the 2010 outcome (309 organ donors).

For further information and media enquiries, please contact: Jen Sharpe ph 0407 808 562 or Anna Anderson ph 0401 264 949