Cosmic Origins


Join us for 'Cosmos: Journeys Through the Universe' with Dr Danail Obreschkow, Senior Research Fellow, UWA node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

In Brief

Dates: Oct 18, 2018
Venue / Address:
City of Perth Library
City of Perth Library, 573 Hay Street, Perth

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Cosmic Origins
Where do we come from? How is it possible that a largely chaotic universe forms structured galaxies, stable stars and self-conscious organisms? Science offers an astounding explanation for how the cosmos we observe today emerged from a sea of hot gas through the power of natural evolution.
Date: Thursday 18 October 2018
Time: 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Venue: City of Perth Library, 573 Hay Street, Perth
Cost: $11 per person, book now as places are limited.