Act-Belong-Commit Education Program


You’re Never too Young to Enjoy Jazz!

In Brief

Dates: Mar 02 - Oct 05, 2018
Venue / Address:
Downstairs at The Maj
825 Hay Street, Perth
Produced By: WAYJO

In Detail

The Act-Belong-Commit WAYJO Education Program is an important component of WAYJO’s annual program.

WAYJO tailors its events to the needs of its audiences, from young children to high school students and their teachers, and performances and workshops are designed to suit most educational requirements.

WAYJO invites schools to engage with our musicians and leverage their talent and professionalism to create quality experiences that enrich classroom or private teaching.

And if your school can’t participate, WAYJO has a number of events that students can attend with family to gain a better understanding of jazz performance.

If you or a family member are studying music, be sure to check out what WAYJO has to offer.

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