Forrest Place Redevelopment Project


A formal city square with a contemporary edge, the Forrest Place Redevelopment is the brainchild of the talented urban designers at PLAN E and design team at Woodhead Architects.

In Detail

Establishing a seamless visual and physical connection between Forrest Place and Perth Station forecourt, the Forrest Place Redevelopment set out to create an urban city hub that is highly flexible to function, both day and night.

PLAN E played a key role in the urban design of the space; spatial arrangement, function, materials selection and design of individual elements, with Andrew Baranowski as project director.

The design involved the removal of the pedestrian bridge and the stairs to Wellington Street, and extending consistent treatments across Wellington Street into the Station forecourt.

In order to improve the flexibility of Forrest Place as a venue for major performances and events, the stage area was repositioned and a new overhead canopy was provided. 

The space incorporates new seating areas, an interactive water feature and a controversial sculpture, combining to create a more dynamic and interesting space. Nine mature Chinese Elms from Perth Station on Roe Street were relocated into the space. Lighting was also a significant feature of the project, and has been designed so that there is a high degree of control to act as theatre lighting for events. The lighting even changes with the seasons, with a cooler light in summer and warmer lighting in winter.

Completed in 2013, the project’s team was fully multidisciplinary with PLAN E working successfully with the architect, construction engineers and electrical, structural, civil, hydraulic and irrigation consultants.

PIA National Great Place Award 2014