Community Arts Network Western Australia


Community Arts Network Western Australia (CAN WA) is the peak body for community arts and cultural development in Western Australia. We inspire and mobilise communities to explore and express their own unique culture through art production, cultural programs, skills development and funding opportunities.

In Brief
  • Arts: Visual Arts
In Detail

Community Arts Network (CAN WA) facilitates community arts and cultural development programs for community wellbeing in Western Australia.

CAN WA does not limit itself to involvement with projects that are exclusively or typically ‘artistic’. We are interested in ventures that connect with issues outside the arts. Some of these issues include health, Indigenous self-determination and environmental awareness. We seek projects with breadth and depth, with substance and style. We are particularly focused on projects that are ‘process-driven’, where the experience of creating is as valuable as the creative product that emerges at the end. We believe that art can connect, activate and vitalize communities.

CAN WA’s member-organisations range from individual arts-practitioners to large local government agencies and cultural development organisations. We also have funding relationships with the organisations listed in Our Partners.