Rear 101 st georges tce, Perth   08 9321 4422

A bar hidden amongst the office towers of Perth’s Perth’s Central Business District.

In Detail
Considering this little (and we mean little - It's teeny tiny) city haunt is named fpr a font so popular it has spawned its own range of apparel, line of products and even its own movie, it comes as little surprise the bar is aimed at a similar market of creative types and design enthusiasts - although the fit out is a departure from the crisp, utilitarian lines of font. Soft furnishing, warm lighting and an awesome cabinet built to store a bottle of whisk(e)y just for you, it's more home-y than swiss sans serif, but it exudes about the same amount of cool.


Sun & Mon by reservation Tue/Wed/Thurs 3-12 Friday 12-12 (1am trading permit pending) Saturday 6-12 (1am trading permit pending)