Edosei Japanese Restaurant

64 Barrack Street, Perth   08 9221 0324

Experience authentic Japanese cuisine at its finest at Edosei Japanese Restaurant.

In Detail

Fresh seafood, sushi and sashimi are just some of the enticing options at Perth’s new kid on the block; Edosei Japanese Restaurant. With a passion for authentic Japanese cuisine, Edosei’s highly acclaimed chefs pride themselves on serving delectable dishes that tantalize the tastebuds.

Established in late 2014 by Japanese marine automation manufacturing company JRCS, Edosei has been praised for its delicious food and first class service. With attention to detail in all aspects of business, JRCS even enlisted the help of award-winning architect Michael Roxby to design the inner city restaurant’s sophisticated interior.

Some of the popular dishes include Buta Kakuni (Japanese style simmered caramelized pork belly with sweet soy sauce), sashimi served with fresh seafood flown in from Melbourne Fish Market, Nigiri Sushi and Ama-Ozen (Edosei’s signature assorted dessert platter). Edosei is also known for its original dish Kawara Soba; grilled green tea flavoured buckwheat noodles topped with succulent strips of beef and omelette. Beautifully presented, the dish is served on a ceramic plate called Kawara, which has been imported especially from Japan.

For more information, online bookings or daily lunch specials, visit www.edosei.com.au.