Munda Biddi Trail


Cycle through nature on the Munda Biddi Trail. An adventure for everyone including families, beginners, campers, touring cyclists and veteran mountain-bikers wanting a new way to enjoy their bicycle.

In Brief
  • Suited For: Families, Exercise Lovers, Moderate fitness, High fitness, Beginners, Experienced, Expert
In Detail

If you’re into cycling, autumn and early winter is a particularly good time to do some off-road riding along the Munda Biddi Trail. The surfaces aren’t as loose as they are in summer or as slippery as they are in the middle of winter, so grab some wheels and get peddling.

The Munda Biddi Trail is WA’s premier long distance off-road recreational cycling trail. Starting in Mundaring, the trail meanders through scenic river valleys and the magnificent eucalypt forests of the State’s south-west, and by the end of 2012 will stretch over 1000km to Albany.

From novices to experienced off-road cycling tourists, the Munda Biddi has something for everyone. Cyclists can get out and enjoy nature by trying a few kilometres of easy off-road cycling, or pack their panniers for an extended camping adventure. As the Trail is made up of bush tracks, firebreaks and old railway formations most sections are on gentle grades, although there are a few challenging hills as the Trail enters and exits the scenic river valleys.

If you’re considering going on a family bike-ride, the Munda Biddi is more than suitable. While it’s best to head out with a mountain bike, a hybrid bike with wide tyres will do just as well for day rides on the majority of the trail.

Situated a comfortable day’s ride apart are purpose-built Munda Biddi campsites with roomy sleeping shelters, tent sites, composting toilets, picnic tables, a bike maintenance area and rainwater tanks. There are also some basic forest campsites along the trail that only have basic facilities.

If the idea of sleeping with mother nature has you reaching for the Baygon, the trail passes through a number of country towns every two to three days offering a range of accommodation options. It’s best to arrange your trip around the towns or organise a vehicle support team that is sympathetic to your need for creature comforts.

Apart from your bike, the essentials for the trip are a map, a bike tool kit, suitable clothing, gloves, eye protection, first aid kit, adequate food and water, and of course a helmet. Maps of the Munda Biddi are available from DEC (08 9334 0333), outdoor stores, map shops, bike shops or online at

Use the terrain profiles and distance table on your map to investigate trail options that are right for you before setting out. If you’re looking for more information on where to stay and how to get around the Peel Inland, log on to For more information on the Munda Biddi Trail, check out