POTober 2018


A 3-day smorgasbord of ceramic arts workshops under one roof. This is your chance to learn from the best Ceramicists from around Australia and India. Beginners welcome, workshops cater to all levels.

In Brief

Dates: Sep 28 - 30, 2018
Venue / Address:
North Metro TAFE
25 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Produced By: Cher Shackleton, Ceramic Arts WA

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In Detail

Organised by Cher Shakleton at Ceramic Arts WA, the program includes the following workshops:

- Kasirajan Subbaiah will be building a 2 metre high horse.
- Stuart McKay will be building a small kiln made from a stainless steel pipe. As well as this he will be firing his own small kiln and everyone has the opportunity to bring in a small cup to put into one of the firings.
- Nanna Bayer will be demonstrating Nerikomi, using porcelain.
- Zsolt Faludi will be wheel throwing and altering forms.
- Melanie Jayne will be slip casting her unique forms.
- Bela Kotai will be talking about the connection between music and clay and also demonstrating coil and throw making a large form.
- Greg Crowe will be making marks on large thrown platters and bowls.

Short sessions

Nathan Bray will be talking kilns.
Robyn Varpins will be handbuilding.
Elaine Bradley will be printing on clay.
Ursula Pagels will be demonstrating Ikebana

There will also a demonstrators and delegates exhibition.

The Pot Market will also be on again for you to buy and sell your pots.

For more information please contact Cher Shackleton
Mob 0408 904 271