Gallery as Residency | Alira Callaghan


Alira Callaghan is moving into the Paper Mountain Gallery. What artistic wonders will she dream up while she's here? Much of it depends on who visits during her stay. Will you be coming?

In Brief

Dates: Feb 09 - 23, 2018
Venue / Address:
Paper Mountain
Upstairs, 267 William St, Northbridge
Produced By: Paper Mountain in conjunction with FringeWorld and the City of Perth

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In Detail

Gallery as Residency is a new exhibition by Alira Callaghan at Paper Mountain that investigates the gallery as a site for creativity. Callaghan will make and exhibit work during the exhibition, transforming the Paper Mountain exhibition space into a dynamic performance space and collaborating with visiting gallery patrons. Taking the concept of the artist residency as a starting point, this performance work unpacks how art is made while creating an experience between participants and the gallery space itself.

There are a series of events involved in this project worthy of your attention:

Please visit the facebook event links provided above for further detail and to RSVP. Please note that these events are free.