West Australian Music Industry Association Inc.

Level 1, 58 James Street, Northbridge   (08) 9227 7962

WAM exists to develop the Western Australian contemporary music industry.

In Brief
  • Arts: Music, Jazz
In Detail

Develop - WAM uses this term broadly, encompassing ideas such as “promote”, “sustain”, “protect”, “build” and “improve”.

WAM defines contemporary music as being “music that is currently being written and recorded or written and performed”.

WAM takes as broad a possible view of genres which can be considered to be “contemporary music”. For example Blues, Contemporary Classical, Country, Electronic/ Dance, Experimental, Folk, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Rock, Roots, World are all of interest.

In seeking to develop the industry WAM assists in generating an environment where more Western Australians are able to sustain music industry careers.

These careers may include musicians, technicians, managers, promoters, record labels and many others.

WAM’s focus is therefore on seeking to create commercial outcomes for our constituents.

For WAM, this purpose is our “bottom line”, our raison d’etre, towards which all of the efforts of the organisation strive to make a contribution.