Addison & Steele

Suite 1/448 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth   (08) 9328 6665

Addison & Steele Specialty Coffee invite you into their coffee house to enjoy as you converse, debate and laugh.

In Detail

18th Century London, a cultural movement of intellectuals, emphasising reason and individualism rather than tradition, was established, otherwise known as the “Age of Enlightenment”.

Ideas cemented by such traditions were challenged and through intellectual exchange and scientific method, boundaries were pushed and perceptions broadened.

As London’s first coffee houses began to spring up during this time, two Oxford scholars, Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele saw the opportunity to bring together like-minded people into a space where intellectual conversation and debate could flourish, fueled by caffeine.

Now in the 21st Century as purveyors of Specialty Coffee Addison & Steele invite you into their coffee house, as they apply these same ideologies to their craft for you to enjoy as you converse, debate and laugh.