Peak Charles

Southwest of Norseman, Norseman   (08) 9039 1071

Peak Charles, an ancient granite peak, and its companion, Peak Eleanora, give sweeping views over the dry sandplain heaths and salt lake systems of the surrounding countryside.

In Detail

Towering 500 metres above the surrounding plain, Peak Charles is visible for more than 50 kilometres in all directions. The park lies within the Great Western Woodlands, an internationally significant area of great biological richness.  At its base there is a pleasant campground.
Rock formations and orchids

The granite peaks have weathered to orange and brown hues. There are many unusual rock formations, and numerous species of orchids grow on the slopes. About 40 million years ago, both peaks were islands, and wave-cut platforms can be seen on their upper slopes.

Active exploration

The walk to the Peak Charles Lookout is a medium 2 km, 1 hour climb. This magnificent hill has attracted the attention of experienced rock climbers, as its steep eastern face offers high quality climbs of up to 300 metres in length.

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Bird life

Numerous birds live on and around the peaks. Various raptors use lift from the rock to spiral upwards and gain height. Often several pairs of majestic wedge-tailed eagles can be seen, circling high in the sky. The thickets, woodlands and flowering scrub surrounding Peak Charles are inhabited by more than 40 small bird species. An early morning walk around the apron, out onto the plain and back by the track can be rewarding.