Ningaloo Safari Tours

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The wonders of Ningaloo in a day? With Ningaloo Safari Tours you'll experience all the wonders of the North West Cape, from the rugged expanses of the Cape Range National Park, to the breathtaking beauty of the Ningaloo Marine Park

In Brief
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In Detail
No other tour in Exmouth offers you so much:
Visit the awe-inspiring Charles Knife Gorge and Shothole Canyon.  Cross Cape Range, the top of the canyon country in the air-conditioned comfort of a 4WD "Oka".  Experience the grandeur of Yardie Creek on board Ningaloo Safaris purpose built boat, see the giant Osprey's nests nestled high in the cliffs and the timid black-footed rock wallabies sunning themselves on the rocks.  Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters while snorkeling the Ningaloo Reef’s Turquoise Bay.  Relive the history of the North West Cape from the panoramic vantage point of Lighthouse Hill.

Ningaloo Safaris team of experienced and friendly local guides love nothing more than sharing their extensive knowledge and appreciation of the areas natural beauty, history and wildlife with you. Sit back, relax and let Ningaloo Safari Tours show you their backyard on their fully catered “Top of the Range Safari”

If you only do one tour in Exmouth, make sure it’s a Day of Wonder!