Horizon Power Project


Founded in 2004 by Christian Formby and Milos’ Stojsavljec Habitat 1 was established as a commercial interior design firm. They are a one-stop design shop comprising architects, designers and builders.

In Detail

A one-stop design shop comprising architects, designers and builders, Habitat 1 created Horizon Power’s ideal corporate headquarters that combines pleasing aesthetics with efficient and sustainable energy use.

With the environment a growing issue for all West Australians the use of efficient, clean and renewable energy is paramount.

So when the state’s regional power body, Horizon Power, embarked on fitting out its new administration centre there was understandable pressure on all involved to deliver an environmentally-sensitive solution that leads and inspires by example.

The proposed Horizon premises were delivered as a recently constructed concrete shell without services thus providing an opportunity to design with minimal limitations. This “blank canvas” enabled the implementation of sustainable and energy efficient amenities and services in ideal, core locations.

Drawing on its extensive industry knowledge, the Habitat 1 team created a dynamic, inspiring look for Horizon Power’s headquarters while introducing many sustainable and energy efficient practices throughout.

Recycled material features prominently throughout the building and its inventory while recycling bins at each workstation encourage waste reduction.

Light motion sensors, LED lighting and daylight harvesting are used effectively throughout the project to reduce power consumption. These are combined with an economical air-conditioning system that runs on minimal power and has full integrated zone flexibility.

Other key elements include solar film to windows, Quantum hot water systems in the roof space, waterless urinals and recycled rubber flooring to breakout areas.

Functional office space was maximized by joining parts of the building together to reduce the tenancy to three separate floor areas rather than the original five. This “‘extra” space gained by enclosing corridors and laying uniform flooring treatments was then utilised for meeting and breakout areas.

To achieve the feeling of openness, the workstations are designed into pods that accommodate three, six or nine positions. The curves and arrangement of the pods provide meandering access ways between congregating areas.

Due to the predominantly open plan nature of the design, fully glazed meeting rooms were placed within each division to provide privacy without being visually intrusive.

Every meeting room is equipped with video conference facilities.

Rather than assigning rooms as dedicated storage areas, Habitat 1 proposed the space-saving solution of floor to ceiling storage along the main passageways at the core of each division. This results in natural light penetrating through to the core of each area from three sides.

Visitors to the Horizon offices experience a bright, modern reception with finishes that reflect the company’s regional focus. This was achieved by incorporating stone feature walls, earthy tones and rural graphics printed on the glass partitions.