Galafrey Wines

432 Quangellup Road, Mount Barker   (08) 9851 2022

Set high on a hill in Mt Barker the cellar door (open 7 days) offers expansive views of the Stirling Ranges and the Porongurups and serves estate-grown wines from the boutique family-owned winery.

In Brief
  • Established: 1977
  • Vineyards: 13.1 hectares
  • Winemaker: Kim Tyrer
  • Facilities: Cellar Door, Gallery
  • Grape Variety: Merlot, Cabernet Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz
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In Detail

Established in 1977 by the late Ian Tyrer, Galafrey was one of the first estates wineries to be established in the Mt Barker region, following in the footsteps of Forest Hill, Alkoomi, Goundrey and Plantagenet. Ian and his wife Linda left jobs in the IT industry in the 70’s to follow their dream of owning a winery in Mt Barker. After Ian passed in 2003, Ian’s wife Linda took over operations and their daughter Kim is winemaker. 

The name Galafrey has a double meaning: broken down, ‘gala’ in Greek means joyous, and ‘frey’ is the Nordic god of happiness, harvest, love and peace. The second meaning, which has attracted many curious fans to the winery, is a take on ‘Gallifrey’, the home planet of the Time Lords form the popular TV series Dr Who. This eccentric quirk in their name even prompted the winery to produce the 1987 Chardonnay with a tardis on the label, especially for the Dr Who Fan Club of London.

The Wines
The majority of the wines are from 13 ha of estate owned, dry-grown vineyards on gravel loam soils, which results in lower yields, but greater intensity of flavour. Riesling, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and a small plot of mueller-thurgau comprise the white range. The red range is cabernet sauvignon and shiraz, with some pinot noir and cabernet franc.  

Wine Tasting
Housed in an ex-whaling building, the cellar door has impressive views of the surrounding region and out to the Stirling Ranges, WA’s highest peak. Manned by one of the Tyrer family, guests will be treated to in-depth tastings which showcase the knowledge and passion of the owners.

Halliday Rating
4.5 Black Stars