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Mike Beltrametti is a contemporary portrait photographer in Perth whose aim is to deliver great service and stunning images to people of all walks of life. How would you like to be photographed?

In Brief
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In Detail

Hi I'm Mike Beltrametti a portrait photographer based in Perth. As you might have guessed I love taking good portraits of people of all walks of life. I draw my inspiration from the people I meet that's why I offer one hour free consultations prior to the shoot to get to know my clients a bit better and to talk through the photography experience they are going to get from me. Plus my clients can meet me, the photographer, express their ideas for the shoot and any worries they might have. Preparation is the key to a successfull photoshoot! Client and photographer collaboration is paramount.

My areas of expertise fall within the following categories:

1. Glamour photography. Every woman should experience a glamour shoot in her life. People love transformations and I'm not an exception. I love taking women and transforming them with the help of our hair stylists and make-up artists into divine beings of light and then I capture that light as a beautiful photograph. My goal is to give every woman that walks into our studio one day to be a star and to capture that day forever. Mobile pics are ok but they don't give you as much justice as the professional potraits do. Spoil yourself, get your makeup and hair done with us, enjoy drinks and nibbles, do a fully guided photoshoot in our heritage listed studio or location of your choice and cherish your professional portraits for the rest of your life.

2. Boudoir photography. This is another style of photography that every woman should have a portfolio of, for herself and her partner. Capture your femininity in all its beauty! One day you'll look back on those photos and be glad you did it.

3. Family portraits. I'm a husband and father of three and know the value of good family portraits. Children grow up way too fast! There are too many photos where one of the parents is missing from the equation. And the photos on which all of the family members are present are normally photos taken with a phone or cheap camera. Appreciate your time together, capture a family moment with all of you doing what you love to. Ask yourself what defines you as a family and try to incorporate that into a shoot. Let me bring your vision to life or help you articulate your thoughts so we can create images to last for generations.

4. Personal branding/corporate headshots. Photography designed specifically for business people and anyone else who requires clean, sharp and professional photos of themselves to promote their endeavours. The photos are taken in the studio with different backdrops or on location such as cafe, office, city etc.

5. Fitness photography. Fitness has become a lifestyle choice for a lot of people around the world and the demand for fitness photography is growing. It takes time and a lot of hard work to sculpt your body into the one you desire.Therefore it makes sense to feel the urge to capture yourself in a series of beautiful images taken by a professional photographer.

6. Artistic portraits. My favourite branch of photography is artistic portraits. I'm always on the lookout for models (none of which are professional) for my art projects. As I mentioned earlier people inspire me and who knows, maybe you will spark my inspiration for the next photoshoot?!

All our portrait sessions include:

- one hour no-obligation consultation,

- option of fully fitted pro studio or location of your choice,

- professional hair and makeup,

- fully guided photoshoot,

- professional retouching,

- product options,

- payment options,

- satisfaction guarantee.

To learn more about the services I offer visit my web-site or contact me if you have any questions or ideas. Looking forward to our collaboration.