Peter Moir


My art arises from my desire to express my love of country - the dynamic South West Coast and forests surrounding my Margaret River home; the vibrant colours and rugged beauty of the Pilbara and our North West.

In Brief
  • Galleries: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Artist Studio
  • Open Days: By Appointment Only
In Detail

Depicting the human form is one of the most challenging, rewarding things for an artist to attempt, and one of the most difficult. In working from life, I don't want to idealise or objectify, but to capture the changing shapes and shadows of the body as every model brings her own energy and charm to the work. My littoral paintings try to show the forces which sculpt the dunes and shore, to accurately depict the living ecology of the beach. Locations range the entire WA coast, each place with its unique colours and geology. I use diverse media; painting, sketching, as well as sculpting wood and metal. I enjoy giving workshops and lessons to small groups by request and undertake commissions including portraits.