Maureen Munro


Creating with stitch is my passion. Stitching on my photos, or fabrics (including silk, hemp, or recycled upholstery samples, and of course, patchwork fabrics and quilts).

In Brief
  • Galleries: Textiles, Mixed Media, Artist Studio
  • Open Days: By Appointment Only
In Detail

This year I have added printmaking using drypoint and acid etching, and then stitching into the prints. Inspiration is never far away as I continue to pursue my love of our bushland and especially the banksia and grass trees, along with exploring labyrinths and mazes – so many places to get lost and found. I look forward to creating new designs with visitors as we explore part of my digital design program. You will have the option to have ‘your’ design sewn out for you during MRROS into a unique cushion or tote.