Lisa Payton Creative Arts - Artist

18 Cane Road, Mandurah   0417 560 274

Lisa Payton Creative Arts in Mandurah creates 'Abstract Earth Art' paintings of aerial photography and satellite images for all Australian home decor.

In Brief
  • Galleries: Craft, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles, Art Gallery, Artisan Workshop, Painting
  • Open Days: By Appointment Only
In Detail

Innovative and experimental visual artist Lisa Payton of Lisa Payton Creative Arts explores mixed media techniques to create evocative and inspirational artworks.

Local Artists first exhibition at the Mandurah Convention Centre

Mandurah Convention Centre proudly hosts Lisa Payton Creative Arts and her new exhibition “Abstract Earth Art” which explores through paint many of the natural phenomena connected to Australia’s vast and varied land and seascapes.

Inspired by both the magnificence of the natural landscape with its immense open spaces and organic shapes as well as the richness of an inherent colour palette, Payton’s works are vibrant and expressive.

In a similar vein to environmental photographer Richard Waldendorp, Payton paints from a bird’s eye view. Her process involves juxtaposing textured layers and soft glazes of a diverse variety of mediums.  These include acrylic and enamel paint, acrylic mediums, turpentine, grass tree resin, bitumen, textured plasters, modeling paste and impasto which she applies to canvas, board and aluminum structures through experimental paint pouring and palette knife techniques.

“Abstract Earth Art’ Exhibition is about connecting people with the environment.” Says Payton, “Through the abstract bird’s eye view style of my art work people often recognize a place they have been throughout Australia.” It is through the recognition of the land that Payton delivers a positive environmental message, one of respect and responsibility towards the earth we live in.

Lisa Payton Creative Arts has been exhibiting at local markets, in particular the Smart Street Parties and has gained a reputation for her original aluminum outdoor wall and table features. She enjoys watching people interpreting her artwork and creating their own environmental story from it.