Jurien Bayview Realty

1A 36 Bashford Street, Jurien   (08) 9652 2055 or 0419 969 244

Accommodation in Jurien Bay with highest quality Apartments, Villas & Houses, Ocean views or Pool access.

In Brief
  • Capacity: 650
  • Type: Apartments, Beach House, Farm Stay, Holiday House
  • Facilities: Family Friendly, Pets Allowed, Pool, Room Spa, Wheelchair Access
In Detail

Situated 230km for north of Perth, Jurien Bay is easily accessed as Wanneroo Road continues into the Scenic “Indian Ocean Drive” which is set to become a popular drive which leads to the centre of Jurien Bay. The drive takes you through the white gum drive bordering Yanchep National Park, stands of Tuart trees, the Airforce bombing range and then to the “Valley of Grass Trees”. Over a hill and the magic views of the “Indian Ocean” can be see for miles, along with the Shack settlement at Wedge Island. Further along, massive white sand dunes can be seen, which at certain times, can look like snow capped mountains. The world famous “Pinnacles” can be visited being only a short distance from Indian Ocean Drive. Jurien Bay is only 20 minutes from the Pinnacles.

Jurien Bay boasts of a Marina that was built for the Cray Fishing industry. Today, you can take a Charter boat to go fishing or a day to look at the Sea Lions. The Marina is also the entry into the prestine Jurien Bay Marine Park which consists of 100km of coastline where Sea Lions, Dolphins and Whales can be seen. There are many islands and reefs that provide protective habitats for an enormous variation of sea life.

Mt Lesueur is the tallest of the ranges and the park is extremely rich in species of flora with more than 900 known species, which is equivalent to 10% of the states known flora. Surveys have found 52 species of reptiles (41 lizards, 11 snakes), 122 species of native birds and 15 species of mammals. There are picnic sites and walk trails within the park.

These caves are situated north east of Jurien Bay via the Cockleshell Gully Road. The caves are only accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicles. The main cave is 330 metres long and it follows a creek bed. A torch is required as there are sometimes pools of water. The cave was used by stockmen in the later half of the last century to provide feed and water while travelling from Geraldton to Perth.

Jurien Sky Diving offers the best way to see Jurien Bay, by jumping from a plane and floating down to take in the breathtaking view of Jurien Bay, the islands and reefs and then landing on the beautiful white sandy beaches. For those not so adventurous, take a scenic flight and see the beauty of our bay.