Rottnest Air Taxi


Rottnest Air-Taxi flies anytime during daylight hours. This means that in mid-summer we can fly departures all the way up until 7:30pm, but in the winter it might be no later than 5:30pm.

In Detail

The actual airborne part of the flight direct from Jandakot to Rottnest is 12 minutes.

Whilst we fly flexible times, we do have to work around prior bookings.  Once you have made a booking for a particular time, that time is yours.  Please be aware that other bookings will be affected if you are late for your chosen time, and later bookings may then get priority.  We require that you arrive at Jandakot Airport for your flight at least 20 minutes in advance of your chosen time.


Rottnest Airport is just 800m from the main settlement area of Rottnest, and just 600m from the Pedal & Flipper, where you can hire bikes on the Island.

Rottnest Airport is also serviced by a free courtesy shuttle-bus that runs past every 30 minutes daily during normal business hours, including weekends. Please note that bus timetables are seasonal so it's best to check the current Essential Guide (downloadable from


Passenger comfort can often be best served by a quick trip to your destination. Flights between Jandakot and Rottnest average 12 minutes.

The conditions that might cause delays or discomfort for ocean ferry travel are different to those that will affect flight. In particular flights are naturally not affected by ocean swell and wave conditions, and it is very rare for weather conditions to cause long delays in flights, even in winter time.

Rottnest Air-Taxi places the highest priority on the safety of our passengers. Should Rottnest Air-Taxi consider the weather unsuitable to safely fly in we will give you the choice of either re-scheduling the flight or cancelling with a full refund.


The aircraft we use are called 'light aircraft' for a reason!   As a rule of thumb, the amount of luggage we can carry varies on how many passengers are aboard the aircraft, but the TOTAL weight of passengers AND their luggage is limited to 300kg for the 4-seater, and 480kg for the 6-seater aircraft.  If you are close to these weights, please let us know when booking - as we need to account for that when fuelling the aircraft.

Your accomodation will pickup your luggage at the airport for you.  You will need to let them know that you are flying across, and what time you are landing.

We are unable to fit bicycles and surfboards in the aircraft.  Prams and strollers need to be able to fold quite compact to fit, however we do have a free loan stroller available if required on Rottnest.

For those staying on the island, groceries and alcohol are readily available there, eskies and bags containing these items are surprisingly heavy and may even be impossible to carry.

For those day-tripping to the island, everything you take with you you will need to carry with you all day.  The settlement has various food outlets, ranging from take-away and bakery to cafes and restaurants.

Small aircraft baggage compartments are small.  Large eskies and suitcases may be impossible to load.  Luggage should be distributed around a few smaller bags or packs rather than in large cases.


Just as with a city cab, the Air-Taxi is there for YOUR booking.  Our flexibility in flight times and reliability is compromised if you try to mix and match your flight with other separate bookings.


Jandakot Airport is accessible close to two major highways, the Roe Highway and the Kwinana Freeway.  It is 15 to 20 minutes from Perth City itself, 20 minutes from Fremantle, 25 minutes from the Perth International Airport Terminal and 35 minutes from the Domestic Terminal.

Parking is free at Jandakot Airport.

For those on tight timetables flying in to Perth from interstate or overseas we are able to transfer aircraft to the Perth Domestic Terminal.  There is a cost involved, and aircraft, including our own, are increasingly subject to delays due to the increasing air-traffic congestion there.  Generally it is cheaper, and practically as quick, to catch a cab to Jandakot Airport.