Mash Brewery Swan Valley

10250 West Swan Road, Henley Brook   (08) 9296 5588

Beer + Food + Wine - The best brewery in the Swan Valley offers patrons a relaxed atmosphere with its naturally brewed beers and tantalizing meals.

In Brief
  • License Status: Licensed
In Detail

Mash Brewing opened its doors in April 2006 bringing a new look brewery to the Swan Valley and a new perspective to brewing in Western Australia. The brewery produces a great range of naturally brewed and award winning beers, with a range of both classic and modern beer styles.

The Mash brewery also boasts the Mash Brasserie producing quality meals that sit well with Mash beer. Why not drive out to the Swan Valley and see the brewery for yourself!

Mash is now Western Australia's fastest growing Brewery, with the original Swan Valley location looking to expand and a Mash Brasserie open in Bunbury and soon one in Rockingham, while several other locations will be anounced shortly.

So even if you're not near one of our existing venues, we'll excuse you if you get a little excited that one may be coming closer to you very soon!

Our Logo

The Mash logo with its brilliant red and contrasting white represents a key part of the brewing process, and the process for which we are named Mash.

Representing the Mash tun the flame within the circle represents the heat needed to heat the Mash Tun to combine Malt and Water.

Here's a quick insight as to what the Mash does:

The Mash is the mixture of the milled malt and water at a selected temperature for a desired time. During mashing, many complex processes take place but our aim is to convert the starch in the malt to usable, fermentable sugars which will be used up later by the yeast during fermentation. Like all parts of the brewing process, we can adjust the mash to suit the style of beer being brewed so critical parameters are monitored closely to ensure the correct mashing regime is followed.

So you can see we take our brewing seriously, after all we took our name and logo from it.

Mash Hand Crafted

Mash's latest logo represents not only the Mash process we so proudly use but also the hand crafted (rather than computer built) nature of our beers. Each beer is designed and brewed by hand by our experienced brewing team, led by Head Brewer Dan Turley. The hand is just a reminder to our fans that every drop of every glass of Mash beer has Dan's hand prints on it.

We're proud of our Brewing Standards here at Mash and feel it delivers the best possible product to our customers and we proudly advertise that in all out artwork.

Mash Brewery boasts a world class, locally built microbrewery. The Micro Brewery is a modern, state of the art brewery, which allows us to control all parameters of the brewing process to produce the Mash range, as well as test brews for new beers.

These top secret until released brews were brewed in the dead of night and the recipes kept on Head Brewer Dan Turley at all times until their release at the Perth Royal Beer Show.

The dedication runs deep in the Mash Brewhouse as does a passion for Hand Crafted, World Class beer and food.