The Greenwood Brasserie

349 Warwick Rd, Greenwood   (08) 9246 9306

The Greenwood Brasserie welcomes you to the stylish new face of hotel dining. As you enter The Greenwood Brasserie you immediately feel comfortable and relaxed in its casual and stylish surroundings.

In Brief
  • Facilities: Wheelchair Access, Catering
  • License Status: Licensed
In Detail
The Greenwood Brasserie with shady verandah access for those glorious summer days is the ideal place for a meal, enjoyed in a stylish yet casual atmosphere with its plush carpets, wood panelling and shiny brass fittings, offering a wide selection of food far and above the usual hotel fare.````The Greenwood Brasserie has something to offer everyone with an affordable range of children’s meals with coffee and sweets to follow an appetising meal. ````The Greenwood Brasserie’s chefs take exceptional pride in the presentation of contemporary and classical cuisines with more than generous sized servings to fill even the heartiest of eaters.