Kid's Yoga Teacher Training

14 Robinson Street, Fremantle   +491799174501

The international Kids yoga Teacher Training Kidding around Yoga will be in Fremantle teaching how to share Yoga, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation with Kids.

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  • Courses: Sports & Health
  • Type: For Adults, School
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Stress Management for Kids
Yoga, relaxation, and breathing presented by Kidding Around Yoga
Perth 1./2.october 2016– Kidding Around Yoga, an international children’s Yoga and stress
management teacher training program, will be in Fremantle teaching participants skills to
improve children’s health, behavior, and lives. Kidding Around Yoga instructors share games,
stories, and specially composed music to get children of all ages and abilities motivated and
moving. Techniques presented during Kidding Around Yoga’s Teacher Training program build
strength, flexibility, a sense of calm, and interpersonal skills in children.
Children live in a busy world. From the moment they’re born, kids are bombarded with everincreasing
pressures: innumerable lessons, academic expectations, competitive sports,
socializing, and the business of just growing up! “Our program provides educator, parents,
therapists, and coaches methods to teach Yoga and stress management techniques to children
so they can find peace on the inside, regardless of what is happening around them,” says Haris
Harini Lender, founder of Kidding Around Yoga.
Lender developed Kidding Around Yoga to include breathing instruction, relaxation techniques,
strengthening and stretching Yoga poses, and of course, imagination. According to Lender, “The
magic of Kidding Around Yoga is our creativity and music.” The science of Yoga is presented
through stories, games, and dozens of original Kidding Around Yoga songs.
Created in 2009 in St. Petersburg, Florida, Kidding Around Yoga currently runs Teacher Trainings
all over the world, with a local training at Fremantle Yoga Studio, 14 Robinson Street Fremantle,
Western Australia 6160. The two day training is on 1st and 2nd october. There will also be a free
family class on sunday 2nd october at 2 p.m.. No yoga experience is required to attend the
training or the community class. Anyone interested in teaching children how to make
themselves calm, confident, and strong should contact