The Artisan Store Fremantle

81a High Street, Fremantle   0435 398 148

The Artisan Store Fremantle celebrates the talent and diversity of Western Australia’s leading artists.

In Brief
  • Category: Art Gallery
  • Gallery Category: Ceramics, Craft, Drawing, Furniture, Glass, Indigenous, Installation, Jewellery, Mixed, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Textiles, Traditional
In Detail

Fermantle is home to the High Street store called, The Artisan Store Fremantle. Here you will find art that is not only rich in culture, but also tells stories that are diverse and interesting to say the least. The store is a unique amalgamation of visual arts and its different forms. You will find the best of paintings, printmaking, sculptures, metal, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, glass, woodwork and also several new technologies.  The list is not limited to just these mediums and The Artisan Store Fermantle not only welcomes new artists and talent, but also new and rich medium of expression and art.

This High Street store, situated in the heart of Fermantle, takes pride in welcoming and nurturing the talent of Western Australia; while celebrating leading artists as they share their stories and visions with you, that bring you the world in a whole new way.

The Artisan Store Fermantle offers artists an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their work and talent. The store brings you a superbly curated gallery and a chance to buy the finest art pieces out there. The artists are opportune to be part of this store and its gallery as they take a 100% of the sales. It is a wonderfully unique platform for art creators, art curators and art collectors.

The art in its various forms displayed, offers visitors and customers with a fabulous experience even when you are not looking to make a purchase or an investment in art. Handmade objects of art like the ones in The Artisan Store Fermantle are not only rare to find elsewhere, but they present us with a rare opportunity and chance of artistic variety, and diversity, all in one space.

The store owner has developed this space in search of a place to display their own jewellery pieces, and wanting to give new and upcoming, as well as existing and well known artists a place to share their work. The mission of the store is to connect artists with shoppers, to bring quality art to everyone and to create an affordable, enjoyable experience for all.

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