Mutima Arthouse and Studio

11 Captains Lane, Arthur Head, Fremantle   08 9433 2440

Head down to Mutima Arthouse for a taste of local artworks.

In Brief
  • Category: Artist Studio
In Detail
Mutima Art House and Studio is based at 11 Captains Lane, Arthur Head - Fremantle as part of the Bathers Beach Art Precinct.
Walyalup is the Wadjuk/Noongar Aboriginal name for Fremantle and the location of the Mutima Art House and Studio in the Bathers Beach area is of historical significance to indigenous Australians in that Fremantle sits at the mouth of the Swan River. In Aboriginal beliefs of the past, known as the Dreamtime, the Wadjuk/Noongar people consider the river to be evidence left behind of the existence of the winding path travelled by the Rainbow Serpent, known as the Wagyl.
The Mutima Art House and Studio is the result of experienced Afro Australian artist and story teller Wajipha Chongwe and one of Australia's leading hand percussionists Freddy Poncin.
Mutima means heart in Njanja which is one of the local languages spoken in Zambia.
"Our goals are to raise awareness and educate the public about cultural understanding and cultural awareness through our own experiences and to showcase our love of all cultures in a positive way.