Kidogo Arthouse

Bathers Beach, Fremantle   (08) 9335 9636

Home to two galleries, the KIDOGO ARTHOUSE is a unique exhibition space located at the edge of the sea in Fremantle.

In Brief
  • Galleries: Ceramics, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Textiles, Art Gallery
  • Open Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
In Detail

Nestled between the town and the sea, the Heritage Listed limestone building that houses the KIDOGO ARTHOUSE was built in 1884 by Harwood and Son. 

A fixture at the edge of Bathers Beach in Fremantle, the building was originally known as the 'Dangerous Goods Store' and has served a number of purposes. At various times a kerosene storehouse, a Harbour and Lights Department warehouse and a shipwright's shed, the building was saved from near demolition in 1972 to be reborn to its present incarnation as a space for the creative arts.   

Renovated in 1974, the iconic building began its new life as a hub for the arts in 1975 with the opening of Joan Campbell's acclaimed Potter's Studio. At the hands of Founder Joanna Robertson, this renewed and much-loved landmark structure has undergone its most glorious incarnation yet as the KIDOGO ARTHOUSE.