David Giles Art Gallery


David Giles Art Studios was established by well know Australian artist David Giles to provide an outlet for his own work and other artists from the "Freedom School" group.

In Brief
  • Galleries: Painting, Art Gallery
  • Open Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
In Detail

The David Giles Art  Gallery and Studio currently shows paintings by David Giles and 32 other members of the Freedom School including Louise Paul, Carol Hazel, Zosia Grochowska, Jan Rowe, Alyssa Kanitsch, Sabina Moncrieff, Tricia Maiorana, Kirsty Low, Penny Rulyancich, Yvonne Cilia, Elyse Frankel, Melissa Mcleod, Tonia Douglas, Lesley Yuen, Sandra Mikus, Brigitta Nowland, Susan Clark, Gabrielle Dahman,  Toni Bissett,  Marlene Somodji, Elwyn Marren, Sue Doorey, Liliana Stafford, Carolyn Griffiths, Carol - Ann Hugin and Ashima Milne.

Not all work on this website is available to view at the Fremantle studio so please phone if you wish to view a particular piece.