Travellers and Traders in the Indian Ocean World


Travellers and Traders in the Indian Ocean World is a ground-breaking exhibition developed by the Western Australian Museum in partnership with the British Museum.

In Brief

Dates: Oct 31, 2016 - Apr 23, 2017
Venue / Address:
Victoria Quay, Fremantle

In Detail

The exhibition is to showcase the significant role the Indian Ocean has played in WA’s rich history and its connection with the world for thousands of years.

More than 100 precious objects from international and national museums have been carefully selected for their ability to tell multi-layered stories. These include exquisite art, sculptures and archaeological artefacts, 24 of which have never before been seen in Australia, including the Rijksmuseum’s Spice Box from c.1600 and the View of Batavia, oil on canvas, 1640 – 1676.

One of the many highlights of the exhibition is the Rijksmuseum’s Dirk Hartog Dish, the oldest known European object ever found on Australian soil, which will be on display beside the Willem de Vlamingh Dish from the WA Museum’s collection. Given the fragility of the Hartog Dish this may well be the last time it travels to Australia.

Discover the profound influence of the Indian Ocean region, its vibrant stories and hidden treasures, and how those who live around and across this body of water have been connected for thousands of years – often in surprising ways.

Travellers and Traders will be on display at the WA Maritime Museum from 31 October 2016 – 23 April 2017.