The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

B Shed, Victoria Quay, Fremantle   (08) 9430 4105

The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to challenge and inspire the youth of WA to reach their personal potential and to make a positive contribution

In Detail

The Leeuwin operates under the principle of “challenge by choice.” Leeuwin II is a working ship and all participants are expected to be involved in most aspects of ship operations, from sailing, steering, navigating and cleaning the ship to climbing the masts and sailing through the night. The level of the challenge is up to each participant. Our many years of operation clearly demonstrate that the more each participant is willing to challenge themselves, the more they take away from the experience.

The program is designed to be both physically and emotionally challenging and helps young people reach their personal potential through the development of social confidence and relationship skills in 4 broad areas:

1. The concept of self and self-confidence

2. Communication skills

3. Teamwork

4. A sense of community

The benefits of the program directly impacts the individual’s peers, their school, family and community. These benefits are transferable as young people phase into adulthood as future employees and as responsible citizens in our communities.

The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation has been running this program since 1986, and so far over 40,000 young people have experienced this unique ocean adventure.

How can you help:

The Leeuwin is largely a volunteer organisation, with minimum  numbers of volunteers required before the ship is able to leave port. For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator Ali on