Lapa Brazilian Barbecue Fremantle

96 High Street, Fremantle   9433 4980

Lapa Brazilian Barbecue in Fremantle is a typical Brazilian restaurant known as a Churrascaria, which is a Portuguese translation for “barbecue”.

In Brief
  • License Status: Licensed
In Detail

Lapa Brazilian Barbecue offer an a la carte service as well as the “rodízio” endless feast.

The “rodízio” (rotisserie) cooking style owes its origins to the fireside roast of the gaúchos (cowboys) of southern Brazil. With the rodízio service, Lapa chefs expertly grill 14 skewered meat cuts, with Passadores (meat waiters) expertly carving the succulent meats straight onto your plate, offering a continuous interactive experience.

The Rodizio “Endless Feast” is one of Lapa’s most popular items and is available for $50 per person – that’s all the meat you can eat for $50 a head.

Why is it called Lapa? “Lapa” is one of the most famous and traditional neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro.

Filled with unique architectural work, it is where you can find some of the many symbols that characterise the city of Rio. One symbol is the Arcos da Lapa (Lapa Arches, an impressive aqueduct constructed in the mid-18th century.

A reference point for lovers of night life, the neighbourhood is known as the cradle of Bohemian Rio. Since the 1950s, Lapa has attracted intellectuals, artists, politicians and especially the people of Rio, who come together to celebrate the samba, forró, MPB, choro and more recently, electronic music and rock.